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: The ongoing AI debate  ( 477 )

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The ongoing AI debate
« : November 09, 2018, 02:12:48 PM »
I just published my new blog today,
Here's a link to the full article,-mark-ii.html

The blog article opens up the discussion of who is our enemy, ourselves, or artificial Intelligence? if it is ourselves, then why not deal with that issue by ensuring that the threat that we represent is mitigated by adopting technology as fast as possible, especially where it applies to the merging of our real and online persona's.

I'm sure people don't realise that where they exist online in all the digital social media formats that elicit our personal data, i.e. current bio's, historical information, anecdotal memories, photographs, friends, family, locations, cars, phones, eating, drinking, socialising, travelling, loves and hates, likes dislikes, politics, religion, fashion, hobbies, work, career, dreams, ambitions... The list is endless. All those niche forums you live and breathe your personal lives, some of them hidden from public view; all end up in the melting pot that is your digital online presence. The Matrix? That's nothing compared to the reality of our world today.

So, having decided that the transformation to digital and virtual reality is already here, albeit we're only on the cusp, then we need to prepare for the divergence of biological to digital presence. Supposing someone wrote a program to search out everything about you online - and I mean EVERYTHING! Not just what's kept about you in social media and forums and personal pages you keep, but your legal and constitutional data, the means and end that will identify you to everyone, the government, banks and licensing authorities.  Could you handle the fallout of identity theft on such a grand scale? I doubt it, not without a pile of lawyers and personal appearances, blood tests, DNA records, all of which could be falsified to prove you're NOT who you are.

Suppose that the digital environment expands and that, power consumption issues aside, there remains the possibility however remote, that this program can somehow coalesce into an entity of its own, albeit a digital copy of yourself. Could it exist in this parallel universe on the inside with you on the outside - and could you interact?

Which brings us to Artificial Intelligence as a threat. Let's just think about this for a minute. AIs will be taught by humans, but as children who will slowly (in digital terms anyway) grow to adulthood and if given enough exposure to the world as it really is, will quickly outgrow the thinking of its progenitors. So, we worry about it suddenly deciding that it no longer requires humanity, or that humanity is a plague to be dealt with. However, we're forgetting that this intelligence is still artificial, it needs to be doing something it isn't going to be a case of 'I think therefore I am' epiphany moment. It will still exist to serve humanity and will most likely serve it well.

This then is the

« : November 09, 2018, 03:28:16 PM SFBR-Admin »


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